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Brayco Financial has been assisting Canadian home owners in obtaining the best possible financing options available in the market as an Independent Mortgage Brokerage.      An independent mortgage broker is not “tied” to any one lender or employed by any bank.   Therefore, we have the ability without any caveat, to canvass the entire mortgage market for consumers for a good and recommended mortgage product, good rate, and keeping in sight the most important aspects of the mortgage…the fine print!


The cost of our service…nothing!   With approved credit, we find the best mortgage to fit your needs.

Banks and mortgage lenders, recognizing consumers are all focused on interest rates, have designed mortgage products to keep business in the door while ensuring strong rates of return and profits for their investors.   There are many examples and ways the banks have successfully implemented really low rate mortgages without impacting their bottom line.  While there are a large number of examples…here are just a few.  Limiting lump sum payment options; unfavourable registration of mortgage; inability to refinance your mortgage; restrictions on porting and increased penalties.

LICENSED AND REGULATED (not a bank mortgage specialist rep)

The obvious and clearest reason here is simply, options!   Further to this point, unlike the banks mortgage specialists, a mortgage broker is also required to go through an educational component prior to becoming eligible to be licensed.   Even once the requirements for licensing are met, brokers are also required to successfully complete ongoing continuing educational courses in order to maintain and renew their licenses.   The mortgage world has changed and continues to evolve.   While interest rates are important, they are not the most important feature any longer in a mortgage!



The Team
Gerry Bray - Broker Owner
With over 25 years experience, still love assisting Canadians with their home financing! I've been fortunate to be involved in committees in the past with CMHC, Genworth, Merix, MCAP to name a few. Big sports fan as you may notice from the photo, and certainly a travel fanatic!

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Xiu Yu - Unlicensed Assistant
Xiu proudly assists with Mandarin clientele as Gerry's assistant. Xiu worked as a university professor in China and joined Brayco Financial in 2021.
秀曾经是大学教授,现任Brayco Financial 公司的助理,主要帮助中文客户通过本公司找到最理想的贷款。

Fax:WeChat ID: heng20000214
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Geoff Shurrock - Advisor
1127 Lake Wapta Road SE
Calgary, AB
T2J 2P3

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Derek Burke - Agent

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Colleen Granberg - Agent/Administrator

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